!Here come the Clowns!


 I have found that simple things in life can bring joy that were originally derived from childhood experiences; since forgotten due to responsibilities adulting. After the election on 2020, I initially found clowns to be healing for me. Initially as a sort of mocking entity, but shortly thereafter as a silly and innocent part of human nature. 

 So, starting the day after Election Day in November, I dedicated myself to drawing a clown a day using Procreate Pocket app on my iPhone for convenience. I would then upload the image (b/w) through an AI coloring software website (Petalica-Paint) and play with it until I found the right color match for my liking. I dedicated myself to doing 100 of these clowns and also a number of paintings. The initial seed for this was a random rorschach clown painting I had done in the summer as a response to the pandemic. 

 Clowns are therapeutic. For all sorts of people, young and old, they can bring a simple joy by acting the fool in a colorful and cartoonish way. After all the years Hollywood has portrayed them in more of a traumatic and horrorific capacity, I thought I'd get back to the roots of what a clown means for me. Hopefully with this art, to help bring happiness to a lot of other people dealing with depression and other issues the pandemic/isolation/politics the past year hath wrought.

 In May, at the Collective Visions Gallery, I will be the featured artist for the month. The theme is Clowns and I will have all sorts of clown art on display. I also will be doing a live clown painting as a clown on the first Friday artwalk (May 7th). I welcome all the clowns of the region to come and take a gander and flood the streets of downtown Bremerton, Washington! 



Clown Rorschach