'Tis the season, to have follies!

The more I write these blog entries, the more I realize I'm just doing a sort of diary for future archival purposes. Hopefully these are entertaining someone or at least helping to inform anyone looking for events going on in my area in the film/art community. Mostly, this is for family that refuses to get on social media or no idea how to use it...Mother!

November starts with First Friday's at Collective Visions Gallery and my new wall setup.

CVG Nov Wall Art by elchristo

The next morning I was able to get the Ms out of the house and go see the final installation art show at Cogean? Gallery, who just so happens to be my neighbors. Artist in residence is Lulu Yee, and the sculptures will be on display until December 4th, when the closing reception will occur.

Madam oggling LuluYee sculpture at Cogean?

Then, that evening, the Roxy theater hosted the 2nd Slash Night horror shorts film festival and we showed our world premiere of The Penance, re-edited by Tonjia Atomic, on the big screen! We didn't take any pictures except of the big screen and the sort of blurry pic below. 

Slash Night 2 poster
Slash Night 2. Poppy far left, Tonjia/I far right.

The following weekend was the Valentinetti Puppet Museum's fall fundraiser event. I brought Sam Koji Hale back to Bremerton to talk about and screen his film Yamasong: March of the Hollows to better help advertise and promote the museum. He came with his son and the event was fun albeit not very high in attendance. The turnout was extremely low, but hopefully next year will be better since we've gotten the website updated and promotions moving along more smoothly. 

Roxy window display for the AVPM fundraiser

 For the rest of this month, I've been working on some art for the CVG Show which is in Jan/Feb of next year,sneak peak below.

Screaming Gaia

Until my next update in 2020, enjoy life and try to be creative and ever moving forward.