And thus, a void was formed, created by the vacuum that was once an idea...

 Months later and I am finally reporting here that Manos Returns had a great premiere! Being that it was at Crypticon and the room wasn't the biggest, nor the screen the film was projected upon, the room was still filled up. Granted about 1/4 was the cast/crew from the film. A few pics from the evening follow.


So since then, I've tried to be creative, but mainly just doing my doodle a day project. Haven't gotten back to writing my script yet, but should soon. Going to tackle a painting and the big wedding day is coming up in a few weeks!  I know not everyone in my family and friend group are on Facebook or Instagram, so posting a few pics here always helps to keep them in the loop of what's going on in my life.

 Next post will be a poll for what I should doodle, once I figure out how to do it on here. Meanwhile, enjoy some pics of the furry girls and a few doodles I've done recently.




Bonus blast from the past pic from when the first Manos sequel was filming in Socorro, TX. I just happened to be working there and was able to get a pic with the cast/crew. Who knew that 5 years later, I'd be working with 3 of the people in the picture. Jackey, Rick and Bryan!