Fresh New Start!

I finally made it to Seattle!

 Now it's time to get back in the swing of things. For my first networking adventure, I made it at the last minute to Crypticon. I met a few celebrities and also, more importantly, was able to network with some local artists. A few mistakes I will not make a second time around are leaving my business cards at home and then afterwards, leaving them in the car!!


 Also next year I'll be going to the after party for sure. Probably THE best place to connect with other artists of like mind and possible future collaborators on media projects. Actually, it isn't probably THE best place to network, a lot of great artists don't drink or have time to do the after party because of fatigue or family. Anyway, it was a blast and look forward to going to more conventions soon so I can get my projects finished quicker.

 I've posted a few pics from the convention for those not privy to my FB page and new pics of my WIP that will be looking a lot more finished next pic post.

 I'm hoping to be able to report that To Scare Crows will be finished, even if a bit raw, by late next month. Fingers crossed (and fires set under my amigo doing the PP editing).