Long overdue updates!

Still active with projects, just been remiss in updating this site. Will try to not be negligent in future.

I've included a few pics in this post on the 2 projects we are currently working on.

 Finishing up filming of To Scare Crows once the raw edit of what we have is put together to see what shots are left remaining to shoot.

 And meanwhiles we've been filming a curious little thing we're calling Mandible Thorax P.I. Below are a couple of pics of the characters. More are to come and also will be giving a teaser soon as well. Visit the Youtube page (link on right) to keep abreast of our latest uploads.

And of course the title hero:

 Thanks for checking the page out and expect to see much more in the months to come including a whole new project that I'll be posting to Kickstarter once my ducks are all in a row.